Lyrics: 2face idibia – ‘Nfana Ibaga’


    I’m coming out straight this time. Photo: NET
    (Songwriter: 2face Idibia)
    I’m coming out
    straight this time
    I’m coming out with a
    little of my own
    kind of piece of mind
    I’m doing it
    my way this time
    Like I’m not gonna bore you
    with some flimsy
    kind of piece of rhymne
    So pull a cushion,
    sit back relax and listen
    To the introduction of me,
    myself and my mission
    My vision is to let you all see
    That there’s more to this life
    than just faking up reality
    I wake up in the morning
    and I stretch out my feet
    Say a thank you prayer
    then I brush up my teeth
    A little exercise then
    I grab something to eat
    Put on a piece of clothing
    and then step out into the street
    run into the studio
    just to hook up some beat
    Later to the club
    to make the people feel the heat
    Make an honest living
    and I’m proud about it
    Making sure that
    all my mistakes I don’t repeat
    Like I mind my own business
    and I don’t give a shit
    I say whats on my mind
    I don’t have time to edit
    Got to thank the Lord
    that He’s helped me find my feet
    Oh praise the Lord
    he give me power to defeat
    If you give me stone
    God go give me meat
    I try to find it and I try to forget it
    Everybody know that me too lazy to quit
    Everybody know that me physically fit
    Everybody know that me humble and cool
    But some poeple them take me for a fool
    Nfana Ibaga
    Never give another one yawawo
    So the reason why I say nfana ibaga
    Is that I got my conscience by my side
    Got piece of mind inside
    Nfana Ibaga
    No matter what I do I’m going to make my dough
    So the reason why I say nfana ibaga
    Is who has this, no man can curse
    No man can curse
    No man can curse
    Today is the first day
    of the rest of my life
    I got to be strong,
    got to be ready for the strife
    I know some people will say
    somethings …Read More

    Source:: The NET