Manny Pacquiao demands rematch against Floyd Mayweather after new revelations


    (Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquaiao back in May 2015. Photo: Filed)
    Manny Pacquiao is demanding a rematch of the richest fight of all time following revelations that Floyd Mayweather underwent an intravenous injection which would have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, according to Daily Mail.
    The PacMan is also urging the Nevada State Athletic Commission to ‘impose an appropriate sanction’ on the Money Man, who beat him by unanimous decision in May 2015.
    Pacquiao, when interviewed at his home in the Philippines, compared Mayweather’s procedure on the day before their fight to the Commission’s refusal to allow him a legal pain-killing injection in his injured shoulder, saying ‘that is why I want a rematch. One without any injury but with fair play. No favouritism. Not one in which Mayweather dictates all the terms and conditions.’
    Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, calls it ‘disgusting’ that the USADA did not seek a therapeutic exemption for the injection on the grounds of dehydration – until almost three weeks after the fight. ‘We were unhappy about USADA but were told that was a condition for the fight to happen.’
    The intravenous injection of Mayweather’s mix of saline and vitamins is prohibited by WADA and other agencies who maintain that it can act as a masking agency for illegal drugs.
    Pacquiao adds: ‘Mayweather and his team accused me of using performance enhancing drugs. Now look what’s happened. Truth finally came out and I was vindicated. For their credibility the Commission need to sanction him, to show they did not give preferential treatment to the Mayweather camp.’
    Pacquiao sued Mayweather for suggesting he had used drugs and received a reported seven-figure out-of-court settlement.
    Responding to the allegations, Mayweather says, ‘I am very proud to be a clean athlete. I always follow the rules and will continue to champion the cause.’
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