MUST READ! 10 questions every upcoming artist should sincerely ask themselves


    By ‘Dayo Showemimo
    (Not every artiste will be as successful as Davido, Wizkid or Olamide. Photo: Filed)
    It’s getting increasingly hard to hit stardom as a fast rising musician. Most of them are in the business for the wrong reasons with no real conviction as to why they are making music or what they hope to achieve with music and that’s why we keep having several absurd ‘Publicity stunts’ all in the name to ‘Blow‘.
    Here are 10 honest questions every upcoming artist should sincerely ask themselves.
    So Stop! Whatever you’re doing Stop! Go through this with sincerity and re-evaluate your stance in the music industry.
    Why do I make music? You must be able to answer this anywhere, and don’t tell me because it makes me happy or to pay the bills, that doesn’t cut it, there must be some honest depth to this answer. Some sort of strong conviction from within, not just because of the life.
    What aspect of music am I absolutely great at? What can you beat your chest and say I can compete at the highest level in this regard, maybe not exactly now but in a bit. The standard is not static, if you walk away after seeing where you need to improve, on coming back you would meet a different level of creativity. So where! Writing, rap, singing… where can you fit in and stand up to anybody. You need to know confidently your skill-set or work on a strong point if you lack that.
    How long? How long do you intend to make music, firstly you can’t do this for life FACT. So how long and what next, what’s your end game. Where does this end for you and how
    What’s the vision? Do you just want to ‘Blow’, get it like Wizkid or Davido. That’s their story, what’s …Read More

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