Opinion: M.I Abaga is the only Nigerian hip-hop veteran still relevant today 


    By Joseph Abalokwu
    (CEO Chocolate City Music, M.I Abaga. Photo: Filed)
    M.I Abaga once said ‘I can’t leave rap, I got to do this hereditary,already got prosperity so I’m doing this for legacy’.
    It is not easy growing old in Hip Hop and it can happen fast. One minute, you are at the top of the charts, rapping about the spoils that your superstar lifestyle brings, the next, a crop of youngsters take your place, some of them dis-respecting the foundation you have laid for them.
    Fickle fans have forgotten about you and the media has stopped answering your calls. What about the rappers that manage to keep their names in the top spots as they become seasoned veterans? For them, too, the game is tricky.
    If you explore different topics of a rapper’s lifestyle. i.e leaving the streets to having fans worship your every move, people like Mode 9 know this all too well ; there are fans who will never forgive him for not crossing over from the hard core hip hop to mainstream.
    On the other hand, there are artists who stick with the same topics, rapping about the streets or whatever the content may be, over and over again until the fans and critics grow weary of this; e.g Olamide.
    In recent years, there have been a few rappers able to walk the fine line between artistic growth and returning to their roots by revisiting old topics from a more mature standpoint.
    Again, it’s not easy to be a veteran in hip hop. There is pressure to meet the fans’ expectations and sometimes, artists have groups of fans with wildly different expectations. The artists may feel they have to go back to their old sound to be as good as they once were or try their hand at the new sound to stay relevant.
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    Source:: The NET