6 reasons why you must read at least 1 book by Chimamanda Adichie


    6 reasons why everyone must read a Chimamanda Adichie book. Photo: Vilaser
    Nigerian author and female rights activist, Chimamanda Adichie clocked 38 yesterday, September 15, 2015.To celebrate the creative Nigerian, here are 6 reasons why everyone should read at least one of her novels.
    Chimamanda is proud of her roots and her novels tell the rich stories of African cultures and tradition especially her native Igbo.
    Her writings are a balance of western and African ways of living. She marries both cultures without vilifying one for another which justifies her being a Nigerian Igbo despite being based in the US.
    She is deep, yet uses plain words to tell her stories. Chimamanda does not bore her writers with gigantic and bland vocabularies.
    She is a voice to those who appear to be in a wilderness of creativity. Chimamanda inspires with her writings and motivates readers to do something positive.
    Makes you feel trendy. Gone are the days when reading African literature was simply for academic purposes. With Beyonce jumping on Chimamada’s speech at TEDx in her Flawless single, you will be out of place if you haven’t read her novel. You wouldn’t even be able to converse in public discussions about what inspired queen Bey on the song.
    You want to read about daring and adventurous young ladies, then Chimamanda is the author for you.
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