Eva Alordiah bares abs in tomboy inspired shoot


    Only a few days away from dropping her debut album, Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah has released new photos to show off yet another weird side of her.
    Eva who is also a model and make-over artiste is seen in the photos wearing a micro-crop top and shorts. She completes her tomboyish look with fitted ankle sneakers in an all-black ensemble.
    In another photo, Eva adorns an urban 2-piece jumper which again puts her navel on display and showing off her impressive abs.
    She was styled by top Kenyan fashion enthusiast, Fawwie while the photography was done by Migwa Nthigah. Eva’s 1960 album drops on October 1, 2015.

    She also has a message for the ladies…

    For once in your life, Be a Boy. A tomboy I mean. You cannot really be a boy, completely. You can think like a man, but you’d still always be a girl, somehow. It’s the fucking hormones. But for once, be a boy. Discard your skirts and trade them for baggy pants and joggers, cut off your hair, maybe not all of it but just enough till your biggest comb becomes useless to it. Don’t get acryllic extensions on your nails, and if you decide to polish them use blacks and your darkest purples. Forget Lingeries and your silky sleep wear, buy some big shirts, or borrow one or two from your boyfriend. If you do not have a boyfriend, send me a mail. Ditch your high heeled shoes, only sneakers and flats would do for now. And always, always, always make sure you step out with the most impeccable Makeup on ? It’s the best feminine accessory you have. If you do not know how to get your makeup right, mail me [email protected] I’d give you one-on-one private makeup classes. For once in your life, be a boy. Because …Read More

    Source:: The NET