Condolence to Nigeria at 55 – Etcetera


    (President Buhari. Photo: Filed)
    Is Nigeria getting worse? That is a very provocative question. I have found that most people that hate Nigeria are very eager to agree that Nigeria is getting worse, while a lot of those that love Nigeria are very hesitant to admit that Nigeria is in decline. Well, I am proud to be a Nigerian, but I cannot lie to myself or tell you that Nigeria is doing just fine. The evidence is undeniable. Our economy is ill and is rapidly getting worse. God handed us the resources to be one of the greatest economic machines in the world and we have wrecked it. But until we are willing to look in the mirror and admit how bad things have got, we won’t be ready for the solutions that are necessary. The truth is that there are things that we can do to reverse the decline. It does not have to be permanent. We have got away from the things that made Nigeria great, and we need to admit that we are on the wrong path and start fixing this country.
    But if we choose to continue down the road that we are currently on, it will lead us into the darkest chapters in Nigerian history.
    If someone had written a story about what is happening now in Nigeria 20 years ago, people would have laughed and said “Wow that is a good story, but it would never happen here, not in our Nigeria.” But now, the joke is on all of us. Nigeria has turned into one big comedy club where the audience is wearing a frown as they listen to the president cracking his “Change” joke. The president speaks of change from the same mouth that he nominates those purported to be ministerial nominees. He should tell …Read More

    Source:: The NET