How Ali Baba almost died in the hands of a ‘wicked Ijaw man’


    Ali Baba escapes death in the hands of a wicked Ijaw man. Photo: Filed
    Nigerian Comedian, Ali Baba on Saturday went through a tormenting period when he decided to yield his cousin’s invitation to visit a local masseuse for a massage.
    The comedian in his usual manner took to Instagram to narrate his ordeal in the hands of the Ijaw man while also calling out Frank Edoho ‘who just sat there and was just laughing’.

    Ehen oooo! Shebi… That’s how I stupidly agreed to follow my cousin to get a massage from an Ijaw man today. All my friends advised me against it. But hey! After all, My own cousin can’t wish me bad! Was I wrong?!!! This wicked Ijaw man started by putting one boiling pot of life on my stomach for 15mins… All the salad inside me from breakfast DONE! Then he made me sit on another pot… That one heated me from under, I felt like someone waiting for his election result. After some people will say they don’t know what is destroying the ozone layer. If 9ice tries it, he will become Alapokan! Then the massage… See, That man is a winch. Nothing else. He massaged me with all the power he could muster. He must have retired as a washaman from an army barracks. To make matters worse, he was trying to put elbows where God did not. He bent my hands sooooo backward I nearly confessed I collected subsidies. He was not done. The monster now put his knee to the back of my neck and (applied the kind of pressure Igbo traders use to reduce 3 suitcases into one) then traced my spinal cord from my neck to my waist. And he had the guts to ask why I farted. If he sees me in that …Read More

    Source:: The NET