Lyrics: Scuddy – ‘Onile’


    Onile mo salamo, ko de ni si karamo
    (Songwriter: Scuddy)
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    Ra ra ra ra ra ra
    (Onile mo salamo ko de ni si karamo)
    Youre welcome to my world yo!
    Its your boy Scuddy
    e kaabo sori eto.
    Onile mo salamo, ko de ni si karamo,
    Ota lo ma rogun abamo.
    I’ve been living on the fast lane,
    way before the cheese came
    emi Scuddy Adewole,
    you gotta know my last name
    o le pade mi Ni’Keja ,
    ni corner sheriffa
    when I’m puffin on the scoochies,
    I’d be sipping on tha reefa
    Oluwagbemileke like Skuki,
    Now I got the cookie Adasa
    got five mics in my rHyhme book,
    O le bere lowo Ajasa
    The game so rugged man
    I cry when i reminsce,
    On and off light for my way,
    Mo bebe fun perfect Bliss,
    They wanna know if
    I go marry pain just to live 9ice
    Know the mode to your Nine,
    when everybody like you
    Ni talent hunt for me jor,
    cuz I be like Why Queue
    and I be like Shu
    I wanna live for paradise,
    I ready pay the price”
    Life is a gamble, (Yes!)
    So I roll my dice,
    Like a Gee boy, up all night,
    You can tell from my eyes
    Style mi dun ju bread
    Mummy Aunty Yejide,
    Mo rap sotun, mo rap so si,
    Mio rap sodi but Olami de
    Blow yen ku die bayi,
    Pemi ni late bloomer
    hustle hard and work smart,
    k’everything le juna
    They said I’m on a
    Mission impossible M I?
    but music na my life
    I’d rather die than not try.
    Onile mo salamo, ko de ni si Kara mo
    Ota lo ma rogun abamo
    No distress, We too fresh
    Gbogbo omo lon kaso wa nisiyin
    melo ni ka fo?!
    (Onile mo salamo
    ko de ni si kara mo)
    Shout out to my City
    The boy in the blue and yellow blue taxi
    you know!
    Swallowing some tram,
    500 milligram
    listening to Alobam,
    with some other super jam
    the good die young,
    RIP Keffee Branama
    Eni lori o ni fila,
    No Scuddy, mo ni panama
    Me le fo , me lo ro,
    me le to, E lo to
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