Nollywood films on Netflix is a victory for one person only – Filmmaker slams Jason Njoku


    (iROKO TV CEO, Jason Njoku. Photo: Filed)
    In December 2014, news broke that iROKO TV was in the final stages of sealing a deal that’ll put Nollywood movies on Netflix.
    Fast forward to April 2015, the US-based internet streaming media created a dedicated African section to showcase Nollywood movies via a deal with the Jason Njoku led iROKO TV.
    With little or nothing known about the details of the deal, a Nollywood filmmaker, Leila, has called out Jason Njoku saying the deal is simply a victory for one person based on how much filmmakers are paid by iROKOtv for putting their films on Netflix.
    In a long piece which she wrote on her website, Leila says;

    I think it’s amazing, the exposure this gives Nollywood. But, exposure can go both ways.
    If you look good naked, you can walk around a nude beach. If you have my kinda body, small small everywhere, cover up.

    Nollywood has been grinding for years! Years! It needs victories. Sadly though, so sorry to burst your bubble guys. Nollywood films on Netflix are a victory for one person only. iROKO TV. They got the films there.

    Yes, your films are on netflix, but is it showing up in your pocket? To be content that your film is on netlfix is so superficial. You need to benefit from your film being there – Financially.

    Assuming the filmmakers are given some small change, by irokoTV for their films getting on Netflix, this would have been a major break. But they are not. The way the iroko deal works, they pay you an ok flat fee for a number of years. 5-15,000 dollars; no royalties. Therefore, if for the next 5 years they earn 100k on your film, they get to keep all that. All other African distributors use this model. Sadly, if you make a …Read More

    Source:: The NET