Nostalgia! Darey visits childhood home, his ‘Alma Mater’ CMS Grammar School


    (Darey visits CMS Grammar School. Photo: Instagram)
    Award winning singer Darey Art Alade embarked on a Nostalgic journey on Wednesday October 7, 2015 as he visited his old neighborhood at Mende Village, his childhood home, the hospital he was born, his university and other places that brought back childhood memories to him.
    His first stop was at Lagos Island Maternity Hospital – the hospital where he was born.

    Glad to visit Lagos Island Maternity Hospital – the hospital where I was born. I got a really warm welcome from the staff too! It was pretty nostalgic (Not that I remember my birth, lol). But I felt somewhat connected to the spot, knowing that this was where I took my first breath after several health issues with my mum as I was finally birthed. The thought that this grown man was once a baby, had to be fed, clothed, washed and all.. wow! No matter how big we become in this life, we must remember that we all started small (well maybe not all of us @alibabagcfr was born a grown man) #jokes #nostalgia #mylife #Naked #DareyNaked
    A video posted by Darey Art Alade (@dareydarey) on Oct 6, 2015 at 2:42am PDT

    Then he proceeded to his childhood home in Mende Village.

    Took a trip to my childhood home in Mende Village and met this guy @mr_rozay92 who now lives at our old house with his siblings. Cool chap, welcomed us into his home. It was fun. I’ll post the video tomorrow. But if we are being honest, it felt kind of weird seeing somebody else living there lol. A few things had changed…the external colour, location of water tank…gates and fence and of course where we had our TV was different from their own layout! Feels like someone just entered my head and deleted some files …Read More

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