Asset declaration is a damn scam! – Etcetera writes


    (Etcetera. Photo: Filed)
    Today, let’s talk in plain street language. It is either we are all mumus in this country or we have the smartest crop of politicians in the world. The whacking has never been sweeter and easier for our politicians. Declaration of assets before office is the best way to blindfold Nigerians and eat them like sharwarma; it is like Joseph’s coat of many colors. It gives the politicians a carefully cultivated image of honesty and probity to deceive us while bidding for time to chop with both hands.
    How is it that in Nigeria, a politician only declares his assets before entering office? I have heard of great miracles, the bible recorded a number of them, but I guess even Apostle Paul whose sight was restored by God himself would be shocked seeing a man from his neighborhood who was struggling to get by becoming a billionaire in every currency in the world over-night because he was S-elected into a political office.
    There’s this tout in my neighborhood who was always seen eating noodles and tea every night at the mallam’s shop across the road, and after his gallant performance in helping a political party rig and win election in the neighborhood, he was taken to the number one political godfather in the country who was very impressed by the tout’s performance in the election and compensated him with a seat in the House of Assembly. Now this elevated tout is lounging with babes all over the state and dining with both hands like king Solomon. This tout like most Nigerian politicians are from poor and average background but become stupendously rich immediately the get office. You can imagine the assets of a tout who was always seen eating noodles at the mashai’s shop every night before becoming a “Member …Read More

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