12 types of ‘Digital Media’ you may not have considered using for business


    By Oyindamola Bamgbola

    What is digital media?
    Digital media is a broad term and trying to adequately describe it may end up in a 2000 word essay. Hence, we’ll go with Maurice Smith‘s definition, which claims that digital media as content that flows through computer systems and many more.

    These days, the description of ‘digital media’ is limited to the web. However, here are 12 forms of digital media one could use for business:

    1. Radio
    It may be considered a ‘traditional’ medium now but it is surely useful in today’s world.

    2. Television
    Of course people still watch TV and people still pay lots and lots of money to get your favourite shows up and running.

    3. CD-ROMs and DVDs
    Sadly, piracy and download sites are ruining business for artistes and producers who release albums or movies. However, this does not mean that brands and individuals cannot use CDs to their advantage. All you need to do is be creative about it.

    4. Podcasts
    This is a radio show or an audio series placed on the internet so you can listen any time you want. Comedians, OAPs, critics and other professionals can use this as a tool for business.

    5. Social media and chat apps
    Tweets, Vines, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest posts and all other types of social networking forms fall under digital media.

    6. Pictures
    Selfies, group photos, and insert future names for other types of photos fall under digital media.

    Yes. All those music, video, photo, word files fall here.

    8. E-Books
    Yes, all those books you can read on your phone, laptop or desktop… How many of you read 50 Shades of Grey as a hard cover?

    9. Memes
    User generated content such as memes, which are shareable are essentially digital media.

    10. Infographics

    11. Videos

    12. Blogs and Vlogs
    Blogs like ID Africa’s, Toke Makinwa and Kemi …Read More

    Source:: The NET