Club na club! Nigerians condemn Juliu Agwu’s ‘Christian Night Club’


    Julius Agwu recently survived a brain surgery, and he’s now planning to open christian night club in Lagos. Photo: Instagram
    FYA! There’s a growing bout between Julius Agwu and Nigerians, following our recently-published post, where the comedian revealed that God told him to open a Christian night club.
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    Even though smoking and drinking of alcohol will not be allowed in the club, Nigerians believe the move is all for the sake of money and has nothing to do with God’s calling.
    See some of the comments below…
    Gladys Onyeukwu: Is there anything like Christian nite club? Bros I hope say u hear well and sure it’s truly God that told u that…I still dey wonder…
    Deborah Yamoah: The world has really come to an end. So this is how the devil is trying to decieve as many people as he can. He knows he hasn’t got much time left, we just shouldn’t go to places where God wouldn’t want us to be. He should rather help the poor and needy around him.
    Michael O. U. Williams: Naija don start with another language again to colonize Christians hmmmmm remember God is watching us never use God name to decisive people to make money oh Oga u here club is club
    Shaikh Younuz Tawhid: Ahhhhhhh….brooooz…..God will never direct you to do such….better record the voice next time and listen to it with your pastor.
    Imose Uduak Mariam: Which one is Christian nite club again? Hmm! U sure u heard it right, or is he really d one dat spoke to u??? Ask well ooooo
    Mike Ihebeleme: For making dis statement,my advise is for u to ask God for mercy,before u will start begging for food.i dnt think u know whom God is,dat is u open ur be …Read More

    Source:: The NET