Synergy Media set to hold first Islamic music awards


    Saheed Ojubanire and Ola Mohammed. Photo: Saheed Ojubanire
    Different Stroke Media, a firm owned by experienced freelance journalist and blogger, Saheed Ojubanire and his professional colleague and associate of many years, Ola Mohammed, the publisher of Islanders International Magazine, have come together to form Synergy Media for the purpose of organizing annual broad based and all encompassing Islamic music awards.
    Aptly tagged: Islamic Music and Associated Nominees (IMAN) Awards with a pay-off line of ‘… the tonic for Islamic music’, the project is aimed at rewarding with an award, every individual who plays one role or the other in growing the Islamic music industry. And it is imperative to add here that the acronym IMAN is carefully coined as the name for the awards due to the importance of the concept of IMAN to Islamic religion. IMAN which translates to Faith in English is the core prerequisite for anyone to be qualified to be addressed as a Muslim because Muslims live by what is called the six articles of Faith.
    Therefore, the award event which is planned to be staged on the night of last Friday, April 29 through Saturday morning, April 20, 2016, is one award every stakeholder in the Islamic music industry should strive to win. According to the organizers, the choice of a Friday night, apart from Friday being a special day to Muslims, is also to enable, especially, the artistes to attend without the event clashing with their other social engagements which might come up around the same period.
    The awards categories are as follows:
    Islamic music:
    (1) Best Male Islamic Artiste of the Year
    (2) Best Female Islamic Artiste of the Year
    (3) Best Islamic Music Album of the Year
    (4) Best Islamic Music Video of the Year
    (5) Best Islamic Music Collaboration of the Year
    (6) Best Islamic Hip hop Artiste of the Year
    (7) …Read More

    Source:: The NET