Can you breastfeed your daughter? – Fan writes open letter to Davido


    A fan has penned an open letter to Davido questioning his breastfeeding ability. Photo: Davido/Instagram
    Following the on-going Babymama saga between Nigerian pop star, Davido, mother of his child, Sophie and her uncle, Dele Momodu – a fan has penned an open letter to the singer questioning his breastfeeding ability and why he refused Sophie from travelling with his family.
    Read the letter below…
    An open letter to Davido: Where is your water or do you have breast?
    ‘Where is your water @Davidoofficial, we need to taste it…
    As you’ve seize your daughter from your baby mama, I hope your breast will be good enough for her to suck.
    For tomorrow, if anything happens and people start asking if she really suck her mother’s breast. I will be there to defend her… I don’t know how true is it, but how can you take a 7 month old baby from her mother’s arms, that you are travelling to where? On a medical trip right? Without the mother?
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    Why not cocuma go with the baby and mother for the medical check up to tackle the problem from the root.
    That’s what happens when babies make babies. Never you separate a baby from the mother, unless is the last option in life.
    All we know is to shoot, but can’t carry the balls, 9 months is not 9 days, labour room is not @DonJazzy studio, labour hours are not studio sessions.
    You upcoming men need daily counselling; please don’t let my certificate be a waste in this country.
    And lastly, why do people especially Nigerian Celebrities when they have family problems, they leave their room, house and come on social media to disturb our little peace or is it part of entertainment too?
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