Open letter to #Headies2015 Award organizers – Baddest DJ Timmy writes


    The Headies Plaque.
    When I wrote my first open letter to Headies on December 29, 2013, the majority opinions i got was that i was correct while others felt i was just an ‘Attention seeker’. Headies as an award should be credibile and not just over hyped.
    We have hundreds of award shows every year in Nigeria and they are not as controversial as this one. Headies as an award are still not appreciating certain artiste, producers, entertainers and Dj’s who work 24/7 to make sure they bring out the best.
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    They give us the impression that once you are not nominated or you do not win, you have not started your career. This is a BIG LIE. Over the years, All Ayo Animashaun and HipTv family have proven that it is Money over Integrity and that is why he always ignores the choices of majority of Nigerians or could it be that they innocently don’t even know what they are doing? I am not here to analyse the faults of Headies in full but you can read the other complains on twitter with the hashtag #TheHeadies2015.
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    Firstly, I noticed your hall was half empty. Your live broadcast that you always brag about had the picture quality of NTA channel 10 and your technical crew were going offline every time things became awkward and they immediately have to switch to “lyrics on the go” to cover up your shame.
    I watched BET African awards live and MTV and i can see a very huge difference in all aspects. You still have a lot to learn. Another disturbing fact is that headies as an award is creating bad blood among colleagues in the Nigerian music scene. Headies is the reason why we …Read More

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