OPINION: The Headies my foot! – music expert, Doyin Adesida


    The Headies 2015 has come and gone but not without some mishaps that got over 30 million people talking in at least five continents.
    Looking back a few years down, there used to be AMEN (Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria), which replaced FAME Awards – both platforms, unarguably the voice and power of Nigeria Artiste have since died painful deaths.
    Who would have ever imagined a music industry without FAME or AMEN awards?
    Timi Dakolo won 3 awards at the 2015 Headies.
    Fast forward to HEADIES 2015. 10 years after its inception, the organizers of HEADIES have refused to learn from history and they now stand the risk of repeating the doom of past musical awards in Nigeria.
    There are lots of lessons to be learned from the HEADIES 2015

    The HEADIES is currently the biggest Music award in Nigeria. The organizers have shown character and consistency over the years from the red carpet to lighting, media coverage stage planning and management. Credit should be given to the organizers for putting up a good performance in these areas.
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    But there are many areas the organizers need to urgently work on.
    Event Starting Late: This has been the trend now in the entertainment industry that entertainment shows do not start on time. When at 11:00 PM the show was yet to start, I wondered if the organizers had a hotel room in Oniru for every guest.
    The process and structure of the voting and judging process have made a lot of artistes, media, pundits and industry stakeholders challenge the credibility of the award itself.
    From the process of nomination, to deciding winners, we need to know what the deciding factors are, who the judges are, what the voting results are, and how the who system works. The statement from the orgainsers claiming …Read More

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