Buhari needs a new Tunde Idiagbon – Tony Okoroji writes


    COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji.
    I can bet the laptop on which I write this piece that when President Muhamadu Buhari set out on the journey to the Nigerian presidency, he did not expect to see anything near the confusion that now surrounds him.

    There was this old man in my village who when confronted with a very bad situation, sighed and exclaimed, ‘the world has burst both its tube and its tire!’ Indeed, Nigeria appears to have burst both its tube and its tire.
    I watched every second of the ‘Presidential Media Chat’ on TV just before the New Year. By the way, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is addressing important national issues and we call it a ‘media chat’.
    Does Nigeria lack creativity to the point that we cannot find a proper name for such an important program?
    As I watched the program, I was deflated. I knew that Nigeria had big problems but hearing them from the boss, it was difficult to have a good night sleep afterwards.
    Here is our country that was earning $108 for a barrel of crude oil, the main stay of our economy not long ago. Suddenly, Nigeria earns less than $32 a barrel of oil, selling less oil and catering for an ever increasing population with decayed infrastructure. This simple situation has created a not so simple crisis.
    Our president by nature is a very calm guy. He does not raise his voice. That is a good thing because it gives you the confidence that the man at the top is not rattled. In this case however I am not sure if it is such a good thing. Nigeria is in real big trouble. Put simply, there is fire! To give the impression that the President can solve the problems by himself is to mislead the …Read More

    Source:: The NET