Tyga 101: How to use your own hands to destroy your career in a year [PS: These tips work]


    By Tomilola Coco Adeyemo
    You may know Tyga, the guy who moved from getting engaged to a stripper to hooking up with a minor. Photo: GoodFella Media
    I usually steer clear of anything remotely connected to Hollywood when I am trying to write opinion pieces but sometimes, I do it regardless.
    However, while I am writing these Hollywood-related pieces, I tell myself it is because it sometimes relates to us here too. That it is something we also can learn from in this country and in every industry (not just the entertainment industry).
    You may know Tyga, no not the four-legged animal, the guy who is undeniably talented, young and who moved from getting engaged to a stripper to hooking up with a minor.
    The guy who is currently being accused of ‘sliding’ into the DMs of a minor and who is now doing everything to do damage control. The guy whose last album did not make money and who could not make any reasonable sales even though he gave some copies out for free.
    The guy whose career has now veered off the highway of success and is now headed towards the way of washed-up rappers (he never even got ‘washed in’ in the first place).
    But you ask, how did this guy come to enter this wahala?
    Well, first thing you need to know, the Kardashians are not to be blamed for his mess. Tyga got himself here all by himself. In fact, he did not walk into the current crisis he is in, he flew into it like a bird with very strong wings. And he did it quickly too, quicker than it takes a Nollywood film to be produced.

    What he did:

    He hooked up with a (white) minor – not like her colour matters, a minor is a minor, but in a seemingly racist …Read More

    Source:: The NET