American model, Christie Brinkley had ‘sweet connection’ to David Bowie and Iman


    Christie Brinkley always felt a ‘sweet connection’ to David Bowie and Iman. Photo: BANG

    Christie Brinkley always felt a ‘sweet connection’ to David Bowie and Iman because the Somalian supermodel believes she helped them conceive their daughter Alexandria.
    The 61-year-old model, was credited by her Somalian friend for helping her and the late singer conceive daughter Alexandria, who is now 15-years-old, thanks to a part she played in a Somalian tradition.
    Sending her condolences to her friend and her daughter following Bowie’s death from cancer at the weekend, she wrote on Instagram: ‘Iman always told the story in such a charming way.’

    ‘It took two blondes to get me pregnant David Bowie and Christie Brinkley!’

    ‘You see…’ Iman explained to me, ‘In Somalia they say if you are having trouble getting pregnant you must hold a baby all day’ so I handed her my baby, Sailor, and she held her all day long …and sure enough, it worked!

    ‘After 7 years trying without luck… Iman got pregnant!
    ‘So beyond her great beauty and business savvy, and beyond Bowie’s music and art, I always felt a sweet connection to this stunningly gorgeous and creative couple.’

    ‘Today my heart aches For Iman, and Alexandria for their untimely and unbearable loss. My deepest sympathy @the_real_iman.(sic)’

    Alongside her touching story, Christie shared an old photo of Iman and David with their baby daughter, who is known as Lexi. …Read More

    Source:: The NET