Drake confirms writing song for Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment


    Drake wrote for Dr Dre. Photo: Filed
    Drake talks about writing for Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment in a new book by John Seabrook titled ‘The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory’.
    During an interview that was published on January 13, Seabrook said that Drake was approximately 19 when he and Noah ’40’ Shebib moved to Los Angeles to work as songwriters for Dr. Dre and his Aftermath Entertainment.
    The story says Drake was paid $10k for his efforts and in The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory, Drake says that the material he crafted, which would have been during the time Dr. Dre was working on his Detox album, was unlike much of his other material.
    ‘It was some of the most strenuous militant shit I’ve ever done,’ Drake says in the book.
    ‘But no useable songs came out of it. When I think of how he worked us, it’s no wonder he didn’t get anything out of it.
    ‘It was just writers in a room churning out product all day long.’ …Read More

    Source:: The NET