Here’s what Nigerians are saying about Wizkid-DammyKrane Quilox brouhaha


    Wizkid and Dammy Krane
    Nigerians woke up to news, as reported exclusively by THENETng that pop giant Wizkid and upcomer Dammy Krane were in a fight at Lagos Night club Quilox.
    The reactions have been interesting, from disbelief to shock, anger and bants.
    Were you out parting at Quilox last night? Witnessed the near-fisticuff? Please share your eye witness account with us!

    Why blogs spread false stories beats me. Wiz threw his cup at Dammy Krane that resulted in a bust lip. No one broke a bottle
    — Cinderella Man (@Osi_Suave) January 15, 2016

    Dammy Krane had to be restrained by 3 people to stop him from retaliating.
    — Cinderella Man (@Osi_Suave) January 15, 2016

    Dammy Krane was with Timaya and Obafemi Martins. When wiz walked up to them and Suddenly three his cup at Dammy Krane
    — Cinderella Man (@Osi_Suave) January 15, 2016

    The cup left a cut that made Dammy Krane bleed all over his shirt. But blogs are reporting wizkid breaking a bottle on Dammy Krane’s head.
    — Cinderella Man (@Osi_Suave) January 15, 2016

    And the person behind Quilox snap chat was updating their pix together, with caption ‘no fight’ they were even standing close to each other
    — ‘SUNMOMI (@iamClozz3r) January 15, 2016

    This Dammy krane beef wit Wizkid, I no know say e don reach d level wey wizkid go burst bottle for Dammykrane Head. So I heard o. @Quilox
    — #BLessMe, ™ (@KissoBlaze) January 15, 2016

    I was not in Obagoal’s party nor in Quilox last night oh,I didn’t see any fight oh,am far from Lagos..Free me & contact the parties involved
    — Chala Chala Champion (@Shakar_EL) January 15, 2016

    i will use my bread and beans money to enter bus going to quilox tonight i need to see the manager
    — General KHALEED 007 (@Khaleed_ng) January 15, 2016

    So wizkid allegedly broke a bottle on Dammy Krane’s head early this morning at quilox… …Read More

    Source:: The NET