If Goodluck Jonathan had been re-elected… – Tony Okoroji writes


    COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji.
    For many years, the Nigerian elite have been on holidays. We lived on borrowed money, spent unearned credit and enjoyed the good life. Boy! We went on like the party would never end.
    After the Reggae, play the blues! I am not sure that even my incredibly creative brother, Harrysong, knows the full meaning of the words of his sassy song that is creating commotion on the dance floor. We are finally done dancing the Reggae. Now the Blues is playing and it is not funny.
    You have a right to say what you may about a certain Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and her good management or lack of it of the Nigerian economy or her contribution to the still unfolding Dasukigate. I heard Madam repeatedly warn everyone that one day soon the bubble would burst and the day of reckoning would come. I am not sure anyone knew how quickly the bubble would burst and how loud the burst would be. Now, here we are. There is no more gala to share.
    Does anyone remember the Sovereign Wealth Fund? At the time that Nigeria was giddily pumping crude oil and shipping it across the world for $108 a barrel, Dr. Iweala had warned that some of that money should be saved in a rainy day fund so that whenever oil lost its luster, Nigerians would have something to eat. A good number of our raunchy governors warned the Finance Minister to stay off ‘their money’. They reminded her that she did not contest any elections. They demanded that the money be given to them pronto and they rocked at home and abroad, bought choice houses in cities everywhere and dashed tear-rubber Range Rover jeeps to young girls.
    After the Reggae, play the blues! Suddenly our oil has lost its luster. It …Read More

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