3 words fashion bloggers need to put away in 2016


By Oyindamola Bamgbola

It’s a common knowledge that fashion, entertainment and gist blogs are hits all over the world. This is because people want to take breaks from their ‘serious’ lives and see what’s going in others.
They take extra time on social media and fashion blogs to check out who’s wearing what where and how. Thanks to the numerous outlandish outfits and blingy accessories, one may run out of words when trying to describe celebs and their looks.
However, some words are overplayed and we really can predict when they’ll be used.
Can you believe this word wasn’t the word of the year 2015?

See how Rihanna slays here…

2. Stun
Jennifer stuns and slays? Oh, people are so clicking this post!
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Absofrigginlutely stunning!
3. Step out
There’s a difference between how Nigerian fashion/gist bloggers use step out.
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What a dictionary says…

How Nigerians bloggers use it…

How American bloggers use it…

Wonder what the next set of overused words will be….
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