NET Extra: North Korea invents hang-over free alcohol


    Of course, this has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, and the ladies should love it too.
    A company in North Korea says it has successfully made a liquor brand that leaves no hangover.
    The brand, named Koryo Liquour, is made from ginseng indigenous to North Korea and glutinous rice which is cultivated by an organic farming method in the country.
    According to state-run newspaper The Pyongyang Times, the brand is ‘suave and causes no hangover,’ and have won a Medal of Quality for those attributes.
    And that is despite having between 30 to 40 percent alcohol.
    The liquor has already been registered as a national scientific and technological hit. Last year it was ranked top at the fifth national liquor exhibition, came first in the food sector of the 30th national scientific and technological festival, the paper reports.
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    Source:: The NET