Read Abuja-based prophet, Brother Joshua Iginla’s shocking predictions for 2016


    Prophet Joshua Iginla, the General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, an Abuja-based worship centre, is Man of God who is known for his shocking predictions.

    The popular cleric has released his 2016 prophecies, which you have to read:
    1. Nigeria will rise again and the future of Nigeria will be restored. And her image and dignity shall be restored. In my vision, I saw a group of young men wearing boots preparing and when I asked God he said it’s the future of the next generation that are coming to take over 2024.
    2. Many politicians will go to jail in 2016 due to the anti corrupt campaign by the president. It will gain more ground and a lot of money recovered and a lot of mystery unveiled.
    3. The Senate president should pray because there will be an attempt over his life. I see a strong plot to remove him and a strong plot to poison him.
    4. I see a commercial bank having a major problem that will affect it’s capacity and output. The policy of the regulatory body will be too much for her and it will fold down.
    5. I see the issue of Ebola resurfacing in some other African country. We should pray.
    6. I see the CBN governor facing a hard time and I see him being removed.
    7. The Inspector General of Police should pray because I see a plot and an attempt to discredit him which will happen. I see his seat shaking and might not go down well.
    8. I see a governor in the seat of Akwa Ibom. His seat will shake but I see him still maintaining it.
    9. Rivers State. I see strong battle and contest with Inconclusive result. I see violence and tension. I see property burnt and protest and name calling but the person on the …Read More

    Source:: The NET