President, the hangman must be involved in your fight against corruption – Etcetera


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    Having helplessly watched corruption over the years eat deep into the fabric of our society, with its devastating effects on our economic, political and social lives as a country, to the extent that public officers who are supposed to fight corruption are themselves corrupt, it now appears that the only man who can help win this war against corruption in Nigeria is the hangman at Kirikiri Prison.
    I lived in the prison barracks for many years and after speaking to friends who are still residing there, I got to understand that the hangman at the prison is not happy. He is not happy with the fact that he has been idle for so many years since the military era. A man so good with his hands and can do a lot with ropes and human necks shouldn’t be idling away, especially at a time when the country is in need of someone with such expertise. Mr. President, you just have to find a way of throwing the corrupt public officers at him and let him perform wonders with their necks. It is the only way we can deter these public officers from dipping their hands into the treasury again.
    It doesn’t make any sense that we have a hangman who goes to work every day just to idle away. This is a man who loves his job and is willing to work for the country. He doesn’t like the fact that he is being paid salary monthly for doing nothing. He is a patriotic citizen of this country who doesn’t want to be seen as part of the corruption in the system. He wants to put in the work for the salary he is getting paid.
    Mr. President, the issue whether Nigeria should adopt capital punishment for treasury looters is non-negotiable. …Read More

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