The reason why Lil Wayne is back to ‘Syrup’


    Lil wayne is back to syrup. Photo:Fiiled
    Lil Wayne is back to sipping ‘syrup’, a cough medicine also referred to as codeine, the rapper stopped using in 2013.
    According to TMZ, Lil Wayne has started taking the cough medicine drink, also called ‘lean’ again.
    The rapper has survived a few seizures in 2013 before a decision to quit.
    After a series of seizures he reportedly told Katie Couric that the doctor advised him to stop using the drug.
    He was adviced to stop because he was also using pain killers, which include codeine.
    At the time, he also announced his ongoing battle with epilepsy.
    TMZ’s sources say that Lil Wayne is not concerned about his health, even though he has still not fully recovered from the 2013 incidents. …Read More

    Source:: The NET