Toni Payne responds to 9ice’s 6-year-late apology


    A few days ago, Toni Payne released an official statement where she said she’s finally forgiven her ex-hubby and father of her son, 9ice for the misconception that led to the divorce of their marriage.
    Not long after, 9ice also issued a statement to officially clarify that Toni Payne never cheated on him and that their marriage failed due to other reasons.
    In her response to his statement, an exonerated Toni Payne, who has suffered repeated scorn especially on social media over allegation that she cheated on the singer while they were married, expressed her joy and happiness in a series of tweets:

    Hmmm they say a lie can run 1000 miles, the truth will eventually catch up with it. To those that believed in me & supported me GOD BLESS U
    — Toni Payne (@tonipayne) January 22, 2016

    Funny thing is by simply listening to the song, you would know it wasn’t me – I have no tattoos, I am not bisexual and I don’t practice S&M
    — Toni Payne (@tonipayne) January 22, 2016

    To all those who castigated me, hurled unmentionable insults at me, trolled me & tried to make life unbearable for me, I hope God forgives u
    — Toni Payne (@tonipayne) January 22, 2016

    They say better late than never, to err is human and to forgive is divine @i_am9ice … Thru the ups and downs, u remain my beloved sons dad
    — Toni Payne (@tonipayne) January 22, 2016

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    Source:: The NET