Mercy Johnson is the reason why ‘30 Days in Atlanta’ sequel hasn’t been made –Comedian, AY tells NET


    Mercy Johnson according to AY is the reason ’30 Days in Atlanta’ sequel is yet to be filmed. Photo: Filed
    Top Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun better known as AY has revealed that Mercy Johnson is the reason why he hasn’t shot the sequel to his award winning movie, ’30 Days in Atlanta’.
    The comedian disclosed that the talented actress, who recently welcomed her third child, has been unavailable due to her pregnancy which is the reason why the movie sequel couldn’t be shot.
    ‘We are waiting for Mercy to get back from her maternity leave before we can commence shooting. This is because she has a huge role to play in the sequel to the movie,’ AY said.
    He further disclosed that this was standard practice as obtainable in international settings.
    ‘We are waiting for Mercy the way Hollywood will wait for an actor for 2 to 3 years’. …Read More

    Source:: The NET