Relationships, Kidney failure, and the drama within – Emma Ugolee writes


    Emma Ugolee.
    Do you notice how your field of endevour is responsible for a large chunk of your pals? You a doctor? Many of your friends would be doctors. Same goes for the comedian, writer, bus driver etc. It’s only natural that we bond with those whom we meet regularly.
    So it is that I have observed the ever growing list of people living with kidney failure who have come to be a part of my life in the last 4years. Many of them I have spent 15 hours with every week taking treatment and bonding.
    And just like I think I grew up overnight from the hash realities of this state. Many of these guys have also been mentality moulded into gems. Rid of the vain, most realistic, empathetic. Believe me when I say only a few people understand life like my friends do.
    But now there is a little problem. I am tired of getting to know, love and then miss so many of them because they don’t lay on their beds no more. They now lay 6 feet deeper than ground level. It’s not just tiring but truly sickning.
    After the death of 22-year-old Emma, one of my favourite people, my body bag counts had hit 10 and I was tempted to shut all doors that led to familiarity. It was for self protection as I didn’t like the hardening cold effect getting used to this was having on me. It was like a piece of my happy self left with each one ticked off the list.
    This piece was inspired by this message below from a new friend who gets really inspired by me I hear. My one encounter of this wife and mother was just awesome as she had the most engaging and reassuring persona
    Her message;
    Bro! how are you doing? I …Read More

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