I will arrest Danku and his mother – Oritsefemi responds to ex-manager


    (Oritsefemi and ex-manager, Danku. Photo: Filed)
    The drama between Oritsefemi and his ex-manager Yusuf Adebola Adepitan otherwise called Danku is far from over.
    A week ago, we exclusively reported that 8 months after parting ways, Danku returned to claim ownership of MSG gang, a label allegedly owned by Oritsefemi (Read Here).
    Now, Oritsefemi has responded to Danku’s claims and threatened to arrest him and his mother.
    In a chat with Punch, Oritsefemi fumed, ‘I will arrest Danku and his mother as well and all the money I spent on him would be recouped’.
    NET Exclusive: Oritsefemi’s ex-manager, ‘Danku’ claims ownership of MSN Gang
    He continued by narrating the genesis of their feud: ‘Danku just left the house one day and never came back. I don’t have anything against him. The day he left, I was not home, he just took my Acura MDX SUV and all the money I had in his account. I feel that is a criminal act and it is enough for me to arrest him. I have just been watching him without saying a word but I think it is time to talk. I went to Ondo State and before I got back, Danku had disappeared. I called him that I had returned and he should come home, he said okay, but never came back’.
    ‘During that period, my Instagram account was hacked and it was reactivated by one of D’banj’s friends, Harold. I gave Danku N50,000 to pay Harold but he did not pay and Harold did not grant me access to my account. At first, Danku did not tell me that he did not pay the guy, instead he said that my Instagram account had expired and I was marvelled. I got Harold’s number and he told me he was never paid. I called Danku to ask why he did not …Read More

    Source:: The NET