NET Extra: DBN TV boss Sonny Adun ‘uses religion, spaghetti, bread, banana, to silence us’ – Unpaid worker


    Osa Sonny Adun is Chairman/CEO of DBN, the first private TV station in Nigeria; and the first to bring Olympics broadcasting into the country. Photo: Filed
    This revelation was exclusively leaked to NewsroomNG by an aggrieved DBN employee whom we won’t name for obvious reasons.
    Osa Sonny Adun, owner of Degue Broadcast Network (DBN), has been owing people. Some have been owed for six months now.
    He owes them, they get tired and leave and he never pays them a dime most times. Those that make trouble get paid after sometime but not all the money.
    There are ass lickers in the office who stick to him and tell him what to say.
    After the non-payment of salaries, he gave everyone a carton of seasoning and a carton of spaghetti and N10,000 for (2015) Christmas.
    This is nothing compared to the thousands of naira he owes people.
    Last year November (2015) when the workers of DBN Television, Lekki, decided to strike, he called a meeting and started the meeting with a hymn – ‘Amazing Grace’ – which he sang from his Catholic hymnbook. How hypocritical can that be?!
    People are being owed!
    He then went further to say at the meeting that he understands all they have been through and he is going to pay the next Friday. After he pays, he promised, it wouldn’t be business as usual. Did he mean he was going to choke them for the money he owed them?
    He said he didn’t want anyone to speak at the meeting. Only him and the management staff spoke at the meeting. After the meeting we waited for Friday to come hoping to be paid but got nothing.
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