Welcome back Emeka Mba – Tony Okoroji writes


    COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji.
    I was traumatized when I heard of the travails of Emeka Mba, the Director-General of the NBC, in the hands of the EFCC. Several times I tried to reach him on the phone and every time his phone was switched off. I tried to reach some of his colleagues at the NBC. Only one young lady in his office took my call and she did not appear to know more than I knew.
    When I first met Emeka, he did not wear the grey beard he now wears almost like a badge of honour. The lanky clean shaven guy had come to my office in Lagos with a beautiful young lady he had just said ‘I do’ to. He worked for a pay TV company and had nothing to do with government at that time.
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    The couple spent quite some time with me. They were pure fun. In my banter with the soft spoken yet extremely persuasive guy, I discovered that he is a policy wonk. If you are brilliant, you are my brother and Emeka is razor sharp. I did not bother to ask which is Emeka’s village or what state he comes from. I simply knew I liked the guy. I do not recollect how it happened but Mrs. Mba took off her wedding ring in my office and we never found it again.
    Just before this past Christmas, I was in Emeka’s office in Abuja with ‘my brother with the double engine’, Bisi Olatilo, a mutual friend. We spoke extensively about the work Emeka is doing to digitalize Nigerian broadcasting, a development which has close affinity with my work in copyright administration. I knew that trouble was coming for Emeka.
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