Iowa, CNN and the next American President – Emma Ugolee writes


    Emma Ugolee.
    He was just not human with the scientific breakdown of the patterns of behaviour of presidential candidates since before the days of Regan. Such destructive accuracy as his display of depth and detail had me glued to CNN this morning
    So just as the candidates wake up and all they see is how to occupy the oval office, this guest political analyst clearly did nothing but wake up to study them. The psychology, backgrounds, personal lives, etc of all who choose to try to run America. Trust me their business was his business
    And as the CNN chatterings on the struggle for Iowa faded from my ears, the real life reflection of this situation arrested my thinking.
    Let me give it bail into your custody as I share the comparison
    There are some of us who wake up every day Pinky and the Brain style & all we work on is the next best big thing we can achieve with our lives. Like the White House hopefuls, we plan, save, spend, work hard to get to our destination. Unveil that finished thought and find wings to our precious dreams.
    There are those of us whose lives are dedicated to watching others make attempts at great things. Counting the number of falls, analyzing the surrounding circumstances. Keeping their life and times in our daily purview. Sadly, unlike this guy from CNN, data acquisition is driven not by science or a paid profession but all sorts of personal conditions from envy to boredom, family tradition to habits. But we are sure occupied. They are on the big screen and we have the pop corn.
    My little advice is for those who seek to achieve. The guys with the interest in those living their lives are not going to stop improving on the criticism craft because you stopped …Read More

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