Prove people wrong by getting better – Ali Baba writes


    Ali Baba.
    Prove people wrong by getting better. When someone tells others you can’t be trusted, go out at every opportunity and prove them wrong by being dependable. The people may have gone to tell others you are bad. When those others meet you, being bad will confirm what they heard.
    But if you exhibit something different, you make the person who told them you were bad look very bad. Let me share an experience, (not mine, but we can all learn from it).
    A lady said she could not be with a guy anymore because of his temper and told all who said she should hang in there and sort things out, that she was through with the relationship. So, two of her friends who also thought the couple should work things out met the guy.
    After talking for a bit, he showed his colour by slapping his driver. They gave up. You read or hear about how wicked certain people are, then you meet them. They turn out to be the best people you have ever met. Then it hits you that the people who told you that they were a horrible person were just on a pull-them-down cruise.
    I have met a guy once who I thought was the most dumb guy I would meet. Because before I met him, one of his ex had said he was a show off and the most useless guy on the face of the earth. Which was why she broke up with him.
    Turns out the guy is a blunt guy who did not like being seen with unintelligent people. We became friends, not that I am as intelligent as he is, but I needed to learn from his kinetic thought processes. That was when it hit me, my dear friend, …Read More

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