13 punchlines from Sunday Oliseh’s ‘my critics are insane’ video


    Oliseh has lashed out at his critics, calling them insane. Photo: Super Sports.
    Nigerians are currently in a frenzied mood following an 8-minute video released by Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh where he lashed out at critics.
    Here are 13 punchlines from the 2-part video
    I’m addressing this constant insanity, this is madness that has befallen some of our critics.
    You must be insane to ask questions on the future of the Super Eagles because we lost CHAN.
    With all due respect, CHAN is one of the least important tournaments that is held CAF.
    This insanity each time the Super Eagles lose, these critics go on air and start seeking the future of the coach. This is madness!
    Unless for coach Sunday Oliseh and his crew to be successful, they have to win all their matches. Jesus Christ! Even the world champions Germany are not doing that.
    I’m proud of what we have achieved with the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Nigerians are happy, there is so much team spirit, it is now interesting to watch the Super Eagles
    No matter what these usual critics of the Super Eagles say, as long as I am coach of the Super Eagles, I will not pay anybody to write anything positive about me as some people have advised.
    Nigerians are not blind, Nigerians are probably the most intelligent people in the world. They know what is happening.
    I am serving Nigerians and not these critics.
    The most unfortunate part is that most of these crticisms are coming from my ex-colleagues.
    Funny enough, these ex-colleagues were the ones who used to sit on the bench when we were playing together.
    They were not really the real actors who made the Super Eagles then.
    Today they are doing the same thing they did back then, sitting down and talking.
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    Source:: The NET