Imagine a world where everybody is like TY BELLO – Femi Salau writes


    Celebrity photographer and singer, TY Bello.
    Oh TY Bello!
    TY Bello sang Ekundayo and the world for the first time heard about an Octogenarian woman who had dedicated her life to the service of humanity by running an orphanage. She was just content with life in her charity home tucked away in an obscure neighbourhood in Kogi State.
    Yet TY Bello did more than just sing. She took a camera crew all the way from Lagos to shoot a music video for Ekundayo that would melt any heart and appeal to the humanity in all its viewers. Mama is late now but the world remembers her fondly, thanks to one kind-hearted woman.
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    She’s done it again! A bread-seller was hawking her wares few weeks ago and accidentally photo-bombed TY Bello’s shoot. That was all that was needed for her story to change. Olajumoke, a 27 year old mother of two who relocated to Lagos from Iree, Osun State caught the eye of TY Bello.
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    Something sparked off inside TY Bello and she made a frantic effort to locate the beautiful street trader who strayed into her shoot.
    Olajumoke is the cover of the latest Thisday Style pullout.
    Imagine a world where everybody is like TY BELLO…
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