Album Review: Loose Kaynon’s ‘Gemini Project’ saves the day!


    By Darey Okesanjo

    Mixtape: The Gemini Project
    Label: Chocolate City Music
    Features: Ice Prince, Sir Dauda, Milli, Victoria Kimani, Zaina, Koker, Dice Ailes, Isaac Geralds & Ruby Gyang
    Production Credits: Kid Konnect, Don L37, Reinhard, Ckay & M.I Abaga
    Year: 2016
    The sad state of Hip-hop in Nigeria today makes it difficult to list a number of credible rappers who keep the art of rap raw and intelligent. 90% of the commercial success of a good banging hip-hop joint is credited to a genius production from the producer. This is as a result of the lack of substance and creativity from rappers.
    While listening to Loose Kaynon’s Mixtape ‘THE GEMINI PROJECT’ three questions popped up in my mind; How long will we wait for a classic hip-hop album in Nigeria? Can we even remember the last classic hip-hop album? Is it possible that Loose Kaynon’s ‘GEMINI PROJECT’ just saved the day?
    A complete rapper is said to have balanced these five basic elements; METAPHORS, PUNCHLINE, WORDPLAY, RYHME SCHEME and DELIVERY/PERFORMANCE. These will be the criteria to analyze what seems to be debate-ably the dopest Hip-hop project in the first quarter of 2016.
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    He painted a vivid picture with metaphors…
    Loose Kaynon’s poise and lyrical ability was revealed right from the intro of the Gemini Project. While this set the tone and direction for the project, his metaphoric skill was also distinct on tracks like Super Star, Run away and Hands & Dreams.
    His use of nouns and verbs in painting pictures in his bars was captivating. ‘This is the truth; like it’s God’s Mouth it fell from. It’s my gift and my curse heaven or hell come.’ He goes further to share on his life struggle as a child ‘Mid 80’s baby, KD city raise me, Learnt to swim against …Read More

    Source:: The NET