6 different personalities you’ll meet on Valentine’s day


    By Oluwadara Adaja

    If you’ve been under the rock lately, let me be the one to remind you that February 14 is almost here. I can feel the hisses and eyeballs rolling already BUT, before you click away (don’t you dare). Let’s find out which one of these people you are on the day of love. Let’s get to it!

    These are the ‘badoos’ . They have achieved legendary status such that you must have heard their gist before. To them, February 14 is strictly collection day. For the ladies, they want it all – designer clothes, bags, shoes and please get the plane tickets ready for that Dubai trip. For the guys, only one thing is needed – you know what it is *T.I voice*.

    Baby girl loves everything cliché about vals day. From the fake red flowers to the heart shaped chocolates and the fluffy white teddy bears with the red ‘I love you’ cushions in the middle. She wants it all, and bae better keep them coming. She’s most likely the ‘mushiest’, hopeless romantic you’ve ever met.

    ‘I’m not going out. I hate fake flowers, and for the love of the Father, please don’t come near me with those cheap chocolates.’
    These are the words of the girl who would rather go out with her man on the 13th just to prove to us how much she doesn’t care about 14th – Vals day. Guys also fall into this category though. They’ll prefer to send you flowers ‘Just because it’sTuesday’ but will bail on Vals day obligations.

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    Source:: The NET