YabaTech: ‘How Charity Dazan died’ – friends narrate tragic story


    By Rotimi Akinola

    Oluwabukola Charity Dazan died aged 27. This picture was taken by one of her friends on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 during her departmental ‘traditional day.’

    You must have heard lots of stories about how YabaTech’s Oluwabukola Charity Dazan of the Department of Office Technology and Management (OTM) died on Wednesday, February 11.
    NewsroomNG had lengthy chats with student friends who were with her in her last moments. We also spoke with, and were with, many of the students as they protested after Dazan’s tragic passing. We’ve promised to not name our sources.
    Here’s their side of the story.
    ‘This is due to absolute neglect on the part of YabaTech authorities and Nigerian medical workers outside the walls of this school,’ one of them said.
    Oluwabukola Charity Dazan, 27, finished writing a practical examination (Advanced Web Page Design) around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday when she suddenly fell ill.
    She went to the medical center to be attended to when the thing got worse.
    ‘They simply gave her paracetamol or something and refused to let her into the sick ward where there are beds she could sleep in,’ the student said.
    ‘Dazan was not allowed past the clinic’s lobby. I wasn’t surprised. That’s how they do here. They are pathetic.

    A noisy crowd of students gathers at YabaTech Theatre Hall to listen to the school Rector Mrs. Margaret Kudi Ladipo. We couldn’t make anything of her speech. A student called it ‘medicine after death.’ Another tagged it ‘balderdash.’

    ‘I’m very tired,’ Dazan was complaining so her friends decided to take her to the hostel (Akata Hall) where she could rest on a ‘manageable’ bed. This was around 7:00 p.m on Tuesday.
    ‘One hour later, she was complaining of having pains in both hands so we rushed her back to the medical centre’, another student told NewsroomNG.
    ‘They just checked her and gave …Read More

    Source:: The NET