‘I got no endorsement, no sponsorship’ – Modenine opens up in new jam


    ‘I raise the bar, you finishing where I start from’ -Modenine brags in ‘I am’
    Nigerian rapper, Modenine has come hard on a new collaborative effort which American rapper, Awkword featured him and 8 others on.
    Modenine who opened the song raps about acts who are ‘desecrating the art form’.
    Modenine further throws a sublime as he continues his braggadicious lyrics but finally agrees he has no endorsement or sponsorship because he doesn’t have ‘a song about a silly dance, a monster hit’.
    Modo is regarded as one of the greatest rappers to have come out of the African continent but has enjoyed average commercial success.
    See his full lyrics on the track below…
    It’s the Flygerian, going H.A.M with the hustle
    Run up on the Mode and pull a hamstring muscle
    If you got an old bone to pick, bury the fossil
    Or else, it’s gonna be a one-sided tussle
    You can tango, I’m all about the cash, Kurt Russell
    Up front payment, money in the duffle, bag
    But over here, they desecrating the art form
    Lying to themselves like, Mode too hard for ’em
    I raise the bar, you finishing where I start from
    You far from a beast on the mic, you need a stronger grip
    I got no endorsement, no sponsorship
    They want a song about a silly dance, a monster hit
    I ain’t got that, but I got bars to make you back flip
    Put the beat in a casket, when the Polymath spit
    My peers pull me down, it’s like I’m rapping from a crab’s pit
    All I’m trying to do is fill my bread basket …Read More

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