Dear Kanye, stop being such an offensive, misogynist brat – Piers Morgan writes


    Piers Morgan and Kanye West.

    Dear Kanye,

    You’ve got a new album out, and need to promote it by shouting off your legendarily loud mouth.

    I get it.

    Only this can possibly explain your recent behaviour, which has been ridiculously offensive even by your standards.

    I’ve been a long-time admirer of yours. I think you’re a brilliantly talented musician and one of the great characters of the global entertainment industry’.

    You’re controversial, polarising, and speak your mind. Nothing wrong with that, I’m exactly the same. But there’s a fine line between being entertainingly outrageous, and just being repellent, and in the past two weeks you’ve not just crossed that line, you’ve smashed it to smithereens in your desperation to offend.

    This bizarre process began with your ridiculous spat with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa, where in a grotesque misunderstanding of something he’d tweeted, you went on a Twitter rampage in which you gratuitously insulted his wife, your former girlfriend Amber Rose, by calling her a gold-digging stripper.

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    Worse, you dragged his little son Sebastian into it too, in a quite despicable manner, inferring he wouldn’t even exist if you hadn’t ditched his mother.

    I wrote then that you had behaved in a ‘pathetic, petty and woefully insensitive’ manner by using a man’s child to humiliate him.

    But that, it turned out, was just the warm-up act to your main performance of quite breath-taking crassness.

    Three days ago, you suddenly tweeted, for no apparent reason: ‘BILL COSBY IS INNOCENT!!!!!!’ Something that literally nobody else on Planet Earth believes.

    In fact, I seriously doubt even Bill Cosby believes it. By informing your 18.6 million followers of this sentiment, you also effectively informed them that the 50 women who have so far come forward to claim Cosby drugged, raped or abused them are all fakes.

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