What the heck is going on in the USA? – Tony Okoroji


    COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji.
    Donald Trump is swearing, cursing and wagering his fingers at everyone. He does not like Muslims, cannot stand Mexicans, is railing against the Chinese and loathes Nigerians. On the other side, 74-year-old very angry Bernie Sanders is barking and running down everything that America has achieved.
    Listening to these guys each of whom wants to be the next President of America, you would think that the United States is on the brink of disintegration and has been a monumental failure. Yet, in nearly every country in the world, almost every young man or woman is dreaming of life in the USA. To these young people, forget what the preacher says, heaven is America!
    Few months back, no one gave Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders the slimmest chance of getting anywhere near the White House. The pundits said that each of them was a joke. The media wrote them off and no one would bet a cent on any of these men in any of Donald Trump’s casinos spread across America.
    Now, everything has changed. In the just-held Republican presidential primaries in New Hampshire, Donald Trump dumped all the other candidates. The next republican presidential hopeful did not even get half of Trump’s votes. Pan to the Democratic primaries and you will see the unthinkable.
    Hilary Clinton, former First Lady of the state of Arkansas, twice First Lady of the United States, former US Senator representing the great state of New York, former United States Secretary of State and an unquestionable icon of the Democratic party is crushed by little known Senator Bernie Sanders from the little known state of Vermont, who is in the Senate not even as a Democrat but as an Independent!
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