#Valentine2016: Dokun Olumofin writes Love Poem!


    Dokun Olumofin.
    I am a Natural Poet; #HappyValentinesday!
    Happy Valentine’s Day. The Depth of Love I have for you is endless. The Level of Happiness you bring my way is unmeasurable, the Hope you bring to my Life cannot be defined. A thousand soldiers cannot take your heart beat from me, a million bees cannot pierce my skin the way you pierced my soul.
    A billion swords cannot cut me the way you cut my flaws. Everyone will die, the weak, the strong, the innocent…When I die, I want to proceed with you to the after life, and the life after the next life. When I wake up a thousand years after death in that after life, i want you all over and over again.
    They say love doesn’t exist, they say love is scarce, they say love is dead, some say love is overrated, I say Love is real. Why? You showed me love is right beside me. I am far from perfect, but what makes me perfect to u is that I accept my flaws and I’m willing to work on my imperfections.
    In this life, full of disloyalty, anger, hate, envy, ill-wishers & more. You make it seem all so blissful. You are a Rare Princess, someone to hold, someone to cherish, someone to cuddle & someone to love. Many will come and go, some will stay to mock you, some will stay to test you, some will stay to betray you, some would stay for just the good times but you stay because you bring life and sanity, you stay because you have the soul and heart of a charitable angel.
    Life comes with so much complications, drama, intricacies but when I remember your face I lighten up. Always remember this. When a man is stranded in …Read More

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