The Kanye Lesson: 5 Things you should never do when seeking investment


    While the world was abuzz with Valentine’s Day, Kanye tweeted one unexpected truth about his life. Photo: ET online
    Over and over, we’ve heard people declare Kanye West one of the greatest rappers alive. However, it’s starting to seem like handling music, fashion, family and a creative agency is taking a toll on Mr. Yeezy.
    Some hours ago, Kanye West did the weirdest and most unexpected thing ever – he asked (actually begged) Mark Zuckerberg (and Larry Page) to invest a billion dollars in his ideas.
    There are numerous opinions on what Kanye West should and should not have done, and we’ve compiled all these and compressed them into 5.
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    1. Never ever let your investors know you are in debt.
    While the world was abuzz with Valentine’s Day bants on February 14, 2016, Kanye tweeted one unexpected truth about his life before mounting the Saturday Night Live (SNL) stage.

    With this kind of information in the open, Mrs. Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg will definitely raise hell if Mark as much as offered a cent to Kanye.
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    2. Don’t be so desperate and lose your reputation in the process.
    @Folushaw said it all.

    3. Ensure there are no misspellings in your proposal. Pay attention to details.
    See below the chart Kanye made for his creative agency, Donda four years ago.
    4. Present a business, not ideas.

    5. Don’t ridicule past works of your investors, instead proffer solutions to make it better.

    Africa is a continent, by the way…

    Then again, it’s Kanye. Anything can happen when he’s involved.

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