The Most Influential People in Nigeria’s film industry ‘Nollywood ‘


    These people, because of the influence they wield, determine what goes on in this important sector of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. They’re the people to know, if you’re serious about getting anything done in Nollywood.
    Nigerian Entertainment Today profiles Nollywood’s most influential people for the year 2015. It’s a collection of thinkers and doers, actors and writers, leaders and super stars.
    The industry holds great promise, as Nigeria once again, begins to pay attention to the non-oil sector. These are some of the people with what it takes to make the Nollywood dream come true.
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    Tunde Kelani

    Cinematographer, CEO Mainframe Films
    Globally recognised as a leader of Nollywood, cinematographer Tunde Kelani has seen stars come and go. He’s also made many stars and big hits.
    But what ensures longevity for him and his Mainframe studios, is a rather rare connection with underdogs; a passion for inserting anonymous characters into leading roles and changing their careers forever.
    Plus, he brings fading cultural stories into the contemporary space, making films out of independence era literature, and preferring to trade in his native Yoruba.
    Kunle Afolayan, himself a bonafide leader of the new school will tell anyone who cares to listen, that Kelani is his mentor and master. He’s not alone.
    Emem Isong

    Producer, scriptwriter.
    This Akwa Ibom-born movie producer is one of the most respected people in Nollywood. Beginning her career in 1994, she has excelled in writing and producing. With provoking and well thought-out plots, she has earned her place in Nollywood as one of the best screen writers.
    Isong holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Calabar and a diploma in computer science from the Computer Science Institute (NCR).
    She runs a film school, Royal Arts Academy, with which she has discovered young actors who are now giving the established ones a …Read More

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