Linda Ikeji, the ‘Fake’ Hermes Bag, and the Trolls


    Five days ago, Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji innocently shared a photo of Hermes handbag on her Instagram page and immediately social media trolls came for her, calling the handbag a FAKE.

    One even went as far as checking with a ‘Hermes’ account on Instagram to confirm if the bag is real or fake and here’s the response;

    The response infuriated the blogger, and she decided to prove her bag, which she says costs $14k is the real deal. In a series of posts, she shared several photos of hand bag collection to exonerate herself.

    Some felt her show off was a little too much and were not shy in telling her. Here are some reactions to the whole drama online;

    Linda Ikeji is always trying to confuse us, she and sugabelly na almost d same type of people, make dem leave us make we try survive
    — M☀A☀G☀I☀C☀I☀A☀N¹º¹ (@Shurdy_badguyz) February 17, 2016

    Why is Linda Ikeji’s Fendi Bag your problem? Have you eaten? How much is in your account? You cannot even afford the Replicas
    — Igodomigodo (@djbuzzle) February 17, 2016

    lol I don’t understand this whole Linda Ikeji Handbag issue. First of all, why are people bothered if she’s buying a fake or orginal bag?
    — Dr. Robert (@Sir_Scribbles) February 17, 2016

    Q: Does it mean that Linda Ikeji has been lying to Nigerian all these while?
    A: #AskPapaGod
    — #MGWV Sarah Johnson (@imentertain9jar) February 17, 2016

    why is that some people are hell bent on disgracing Linda ikeji? is it becos she’s successful? yall av the same 24 hours use it positively
    — Akinbosola (@Aykaystyles) February 17, 2016

    I don’t understand people who will go to any length to prove that Linda Ikeji’s Hermes bag is fake. Are you that idle and jobless?
    — Ebuka Akara (@ebuka_akara) February 17, 2016

    This Linda Ikeji obsession thing sef. Can some people just be happy for someone’s …Read More

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