Dynamics of getting booked as an entertainer – By Ali Baba


    Had a strategic session/business conversation with a seasoned actor of over 20 years last week. He wanted to know why some people get bookings and people who are better don’t. So I mentioned some overlooked factors and reasons that clients consider before booking an artiste over another.
    1. Performance: Your performance is the best marketing tool that guarantees another booking. If the client sees you in your elements killing it, they buy in.
    2. Recommendations: You can’t survive in the entertainment industry without referrals. Many events have been booked on the basis of “I heard you are…”
    3. Experience: A lot of clients go for an experienced talent when they want to be safe. Sometimes they gamble, but that happens only when the performance of the green horn is a “masterpiece”… That then makes up for experience.
    4. Current Rave: The heat (hit) of the moment gets a lot of booking because they are what people want to hear NOW.
    5. Relevance: Sometimes, the style, genre, or work of the artiste suits a particular event and as such becomes a fit.
    6. Popularity. This is slightly different from the rave factor. The popularity may have been built over the years. Or because of some phenomenal circumstances that then makes the artiste swim in the popularity that accompanies those trends.
    7. Political Affiliation: in Nigeria, and in some parts of the world where petty minds rule over substance, no matter how good an artiste is, if the affiliation is to the opposition, the die is cast.
    8. Networking: As in other businesses, knowing or being connected with some people as a result of being in the right place at the right time can lead to bookings. Man know man…
    9. Media: The media can make you embrace something you didn’t like by pushing …Read More

    Source:: The NET